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Demon with Forked Tongue Found on Clay Tablet in Library of Assyrian Exorcists

By MailOnline Reporter. The craze for tongue splitting is leaving people open to serious risk of haemorrhage, infection and nerve damage, doctors have warned. Yet, despite its popularity, experts believe many who undertake the body-modification are painfully unaware of the long-term health risks. Selina Master, of the Royal College of Surgeons dental surgery faculty, said dentists had seen some ‘horrific consequences’ of these procedures.

Tongue-splitting is a form of body modification which creates a forked effect with the tongue, similar to a lizard or snake. Online sites recommend.

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People who have their tongues split or get mouth piercings are putting their health at serious risk, surgeons have warned. Tongue splitting, which involves cutting the tongue in half to create a lizard-like forked effect, has gained popularity among body modification enthusiasts. Experts say it can lead to complications such as significant blood loss, infection, nerve damage and problems with breathing and swallowing.

right is a mythical creature in an anthropomorphic shape but with a split tongue​, sharp teeth, an additional smaller animal head with Production date:

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Warn the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Help us improve split products. Sign up split take part. Dental and plastic surgeons have warned that people keen on undergoing tongue splitting — a procedure split the tongue is cut in half to create a distinctive ‘forked’ effect — are putting themselves splitting serious risk of haemorrhage, infection and nerve damage.

‘Dr Evil’: Wolverhampton tattooist jailed for tongue-splitting

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I wonder if anyone’s ever gotten their tongue split and then pierced both parts. I wonder how that would feel.

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Split tongue dating

The main objective of this innovation was to combine and utilize the benefits of both hyrax appliance for rapid maxillary expansion and tongue crib for habit breaking. It is a very simple, easy to fabricate appliance which can be used for correction of posterior crossbite and tongue thrusting habit in a growing child. Routinely in orthodontic practice, we come across children with collapsed maxillary arch and tongue thrusting habit which could be primary or secondary to anterior open bite.

When the posterior crossbite correction can be achieved by dental tipping alone and tongue thrusting habit needs to be checked, then modification of quad helix with soldered tongue rakes can be given, but when maxillary arch needs skeletal correction transversely Bondable hyrax with split tongue crib appliance. Author: Lijo John.

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BODY modification for cosmetic purposes has become increasingly popular over the last few years and as many as 10 per cent of the adult population have had some form of body piercing. It is particularly common in women between the ages of 16 and Tongue-splitting is a form of body modification which creates a forked effect with the tongue, similar to a lizard or snake. Is tongue-splitting legal in the UK? In March this year, the Court of Appeal found tongue splitting to be unlawful when performed by a body modification practitioner for cosmetic purposes — a ruling which applies to England and Wales.

It is very important for patients to be aware that even if they agree to a tongue split with the associated risks, a body modification practitioner in England and Wales will still be breaking the law if performing the procedure. Initially, tongue splitting involved tying string around a tongue piercing and pulling it until the tongue split. However, this process was inevitably painful and lengthy. These days the most common procedure involves use of a scalpel to cut down the centre of the tongue — the sides are then separately stitched.

Split Tongue

These are external links and will open in a new window. A body modification artist known as Dr Evil has been jailed for carrying out ear and nipple removals and splitting a customer’s tongue. He pleaded guilty to three counts of grievous bodily harm and was jailed at Wolverhampton Crown Court for three years and four months.

Tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) is a problem with the tongue that is present from birth. If your child has a follow-up appointment, write down the date, time, and.

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Examination revealed a bifid tongue Fig. The cut edges were approximated with a cotton thread-like material, swollen, erythematous and tender to touch. The patient was pyrexic with elevated blood pressure. Local anaesthesia was infiltrated into the tongue; the ‘sutures’ were removed, the tongue cleaned with betadine and the edges re-approximated using absorbable sutures. The patient was admitted overnight for intravenous antibiotics and steroids and discharged the following day.

All surgery carries risks but in the case of tongue surgery, specific risks include bleeding, swelling, lingual nerve damage, infection, scarring and speech distortion. Sterilisation of equipment in an autoclave and disposable gloves are necessary to avoid transmission of infections such as hepatitis and HIV. When a random sample of tattooists in the East London area were telephoned and asked if they carried out tongue splitting, none of them alleged that they were licensed to perform it.

We contacted the General Medical Council, who advised that the procedure carried out by the tattooist was not classed as ‘surgery’ as it was carried out for ‘cosmetic rather than health reasons’. They stated that they are solely responsible for regulating registered medical professionals and had no jurisdiction over tattooists.

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An ancient drawing of a demon blamed for epileptic seizures has been discovered on a 2,year-old Assyrian clay tablet. The tablet came from the library of a family of exorcists who lived in about B. But it’s likely it was copied from a much older text. The tablet is written in cuneiform — a very early system of letters formed by pressing a triangular stylus into softened clay.

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